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About Fortuna Metals

Fortuna Metals is seeking to build a portfolio of world class mineral deposits in Asia. Our management team has experience across Asian, European and Australian mining projects.

We have raised capital to invest in exploration projects, and would seek additional capital raisings following the acquisition and early stage development of assets.

Obtaining and adding value to high quality assets in difficult operating jurisdictions is central to our overall strategy.




Fortuna Metals’ competitive advantages are its:

  • first-mover in difficult markets
  • global technical and commercial experience
  • market reputation of existing management team and investors

These advantages enable Fortuna Metals to build a portfolio of high-quality, well-managed assets complemented by development and exploration projects that will drive the company’s growth in financial performance in future years.


Our technical team is largely based in Asia with experience in project management and field logistics for exploration programs at all scales, including tenement applications, statutory reporting, safety and environment planning and QA/QC for all types of surveys and sampling programs.

With our global team, we believe we can minimize our exploration period and seek world class deposits in our commitment timeframe. Our team is based on genuine industry experience backed by leading edge technology.


At Fortuna Metals we understand the importance of building relationships with the local community and key stakeholders at an early stage in an engaging and responsible way.